Venezuela famously exported oil for years but now exports refugees

What will be the destiny of our beloved America? The Democrats are working hard to destroy the foundations of the greatest country in history, the last bastion of liberty, the last hope of mankind.

It’s 2021, Democrats Are In Control And You Expected What?

Millions of American voters, even those predisposed to voter fraud, will be voting Republican over the next two general election cycles, if America is still standing after Joe Biden and his unofficial vice president Susan Rice (aka the shadow president) totally bankrupt our country. Here’s why.

H.R. 1: For the People Act of 2021 – A Blueprint for Crony Capitalism

Business leaders and church leaders must labor to defeat H.R. 1. Passage of this disastrous legislation portends a socialist crony-capitalist society akin the situation in modern-day China where a handful of families enrich themselves at the expense of the freedoms and finances of the rest of the country.