ESG: Forcing Behaviors, Diminishing Personal Choices

ESG effectively creates fuel shortages, food shortages, widespread unemployment, and exacerbates government overreach. The end of ESG is the spawning of multiple crises, not creating an abundance of goods and services for the people.

How is ESG working for you now?

Do You Truly Know Your Customers?

Think about this principle: It is the buyer who establishes the price of goods and services sold, not the seller. Here is another: A seller should never propose a product or service he or she personally favors but a product or service the prospective customer wants and favors. An Example Customer About one year ago, …

Natural in Lieu of Renewable

How does one go about renewing solar energy? How about renewing wind energy? My limited command of the English language has not sufficient vocabulary to describe how I would go about renewing either the sun or west Texas wind.