It’s not your body, Madam.

A baby in the womb is as much a spiritual being as any adult man or woman. The baby in your womb is not a part of your body; the baby is a part of GOD, a spiritual being with a body, not a body with a spirit.

When a person dies, we put them into a grave. My first grandson Wesley died in his mother’s womb and is buried in Alpine, Texas. He is not dead, as it is written in 2 Corinthians, chapter 5. He is alive and I will be united with him when I die.

Unconstitutional Gun-Grab Underway in Congress: H.R.6575

Over many years, the ‘Swamp’ in Washington, D.C. has transformed into the seat of the federal government into becoming our big brother that knows better than we what’s good for us.

The U.S. Senate is not your daddy and the House of Representatives is not your momma. To be very clear, the president is not your older, wiser big brother, either.

The Role of the Intermediary

Disclaimer: The following is written exclusively to believers in Jesus Christ, persons who have personal relationships with the Living God through the blood of Jesus Christ and the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

The Texas State GOP Platform

Read the adopted Platform or Download in PDF format. The purpose of the platform is to guide Texas State Legislators in the formation of laws affecting: Constitutional Issues (pg4) Business, Commerce & Transportation (pg7) Finance (pg12) Education (pg14) Health and Human Services (pg19) Criminal and Civil Justice (pg25) State Affairs (27) Government and Election Integrity …

What is a Convention of the States? Allow me to draw it out for you.

God used elderly Benjamin Franklin, the “least religious founding father”, to lead the delegates into a spiritual revival. After a season of prayer, the delegates crafted our present-day Constitution. Our ingenious Founding Fathers incorporated a means for the ultimate authority of government to “We the People” by means of Article V of the Constitution.

Climate Change—The Consequences of Playing God

Human productivity, essential to our overall wellbeing and prosperity, is natural. The carbon cycle is natural. Mankind is as natural as bluebonnets and dewberries. CO2 is not a pollutant but an essential mineral in the production of trees to build our homes and businesses and to grow the food we consume.

The Constitutional Powers of Congress – Firearms

Only the states have the authority to regulate the purchase, possession, and types of firearms in the respective states. The ONLY federal constitutional authority over firearms is to not infringe on our protected right to keep and bear arms.