What is a Convention of the States? Allow me to draw it out for you.

God used elderly Benjamin Franklin, the “least religious founding father”, to lead the delegates into a spiritual revival. After a season of prayer, the delegates crafted our present-day Constitution. Our ingenious Founding Fathers incorporated a means for the ultimate authority of government to “We the People” by means of Article V of the Constitution.

Climate Change—The Consequences of Playing God

Human productivity, essential to our overall wellbeing and prosperity, is natural. The carbon cycle is natural. Mankind is as natural as bluebonnets and dewberries. CO2 is not a pollutant but an essential mineral in the production of trees to build our homes and businesses and to grow the food we consume.

The Constitutional Powers of Congress – Firearms

Only the states have the authority to regulate the purchase, possession, and types of firearms in the respective states. The ONLY federal constitutional authority over firearms is to not infringe on our protected right to keep and bear arms.

Rockwall County Precinct 2 Voter Guide

Link to unmarked official sample ballot for Precinct 2: t.ly/PYrn You can download and print this 2-page PDF of the marked-up Rockwall County Precinct 2 and Statewide Voter Guide by clicking on the Download button below. Click on the name for ratings from iVoterGuide.com. The guide does not rate county-level candidates and most uncontested races. …

Thankful the atheists are close to being on the right track toward eternal life in Heaven by acknowledging God

FFRF attorney Andrew L. Seidel, an avid atheist, fears the historical fact of the Christian foundation of America but is okay with Mickey Mouse, Superman, and Donald Duck. Mr. Seidel strives to silence mention of God in government settings but is okay with the Tooth Fairy against there seems no record of his opposition. Why? …

Our ‘Central Government’ – Getting to the Heart of the Matter

By definition, a central government is the political authority that governs a state. What is a state? A state is a politically unified people occupying a definite territory (noun, no. 5). Each state, regardless where it may be found in the world, has a central government. Texas, for example. The capital of Texas, the location of …