Wisdom is a Choice, and the Choice of School is the Key to Wisdom

School Choice?
“Research suggests homeschooled children tend to do better on standardized tests, stick around longer in college, and do better once they’re enrolled. A 2009 study showed that the proportion of homeschoolers who graduated from college was about 67%, while among public school students it was 59%.”

There is no shame in ignorance. It is an unwillingness to learn that is shameful.

The Marxists among us want us to believe the myth of the separation of church and state in our country. Such an idea is nowhere to be found in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution, or the rest of the 27 amendments.

What is Joe Biden’s authority to create a CBDC?

April 28, 2023 Honorable Pat FallonU.S. Representative, Congressional District 46531 Horizon Road, Suite ARockwall, Texas 75032 Subject: Creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency by the Biden Administration Thank you for your written reply to my message on this same subject. The first three articles of the U.S. Constitution prescribe the powers and duties of …

ESG: It does not mean what you think it means.

The reason our country thrives under capitalism is there are more than 300 million minds involved in shaping the economy. A capitalist economy is natural. Willing sellers and willing buyers settle on the prices of goods and services. A socialist economy is doomed to fail because it is the creature of central planners. ESG is a form of central planning.

The Homosexual Agenda—Destruction of our Constitutional Republic

When we are hungry for food, we look for it. Likewise, when we are hungry for righteousness, forgiveness, peace, and love, we seek these things.

Forms of Government: Democracy vis-à-vis Republic

President Joe Biden frequently refers to the form of government of the United States as a democracy. Have you heard him say “our republic” even once? A simple word search of the Declaration of Independence, the seven articles of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and constitutional amendments eleven through twenty-seven reveals no use …

Need A Definition for ‘Woke’?

The leftists (Shall I say, Marxists?) attempt to dignify the popular term: “Woke ( / ˈwoʊk / WOHK) is an adjective derived from African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) meaning “alert to racial prejudice and discrimination” [Wikipedia] Perhaps I can help with the old-fashion American English language which will seem foreign to contemporary graduates of public schools …

Political Activism and Indoctrination are Anathema to Good Science

Public debate is essential to intellectual freedom. It allows challenges to scientific theories that may or may not be solidly scientific. Censorship threatens the future of our constitutional republic through misdirection of public school students. Because government school systems promote unhealthy worldviews and junk science parents increasingly withdraw their children from public indoctrination centers opting instead for homeschooling and private schools.

Climate Alarmism vis-à-vis Proverbs 18:17

From where do Texans draw freshwater? Across the great state of Texas, a variety of systems supply Texans with potable water. What is the source of the precipitation? In general, all precipitation comes from clouds. Due to the low temperature and low pressure at high altitudes, most all precipitation starts as snow, as shown in …

Genesis 7:11 – The Fountains of the Great Deep

At the time of the creation of the United States of America, the word natural meant the features of the universe were the creation of God. I reference an excerpt of the 1st sentence of the 2nd paragraph of the Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America: “… the Laws of Nature and …