Water – Fun Facts and Physics

The appropriate word for the drops that a person expectorates is spit. To spit means to expel saliva from the mouth. Human spittle may also be phlegm (the mucus in the nose, mouth, and throat, esp. that appearing in the lungs and throat passages when a person has a cold).

The cigarette smoke rising from the burning cigarettes has a blueish color. The exhaled smoke has a white color. When the smoke particles remain in the lungs a brief time, they become enveloped in water vapor — aerosols that reflect all light thereby appearing white to the observer.

The smoke and the smoke enveloped in water vapor are both lighter than air and take flight. Aerosols are not ‘droplets’ because they do not drop.

Compare air movement in both videos.

Visible droplets are heavier than air and are products of the mucosa (mucus membranes) that form a protective barrier on all surfaces of the human body that are exposed to foreign particles and germs. The body expels ear wax, saliva, tears, mucous of the bronchial tubes , larynx, sinus, and lung tissue coating, and phlegm which can be viewed as droplets. The key to the action of droplets is found in the first four letters of the word; d, r, o, p. The droplets — phlegm — drop down. Not up.


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