Unconstitutional Gun-Grab Underway in Congress: H.R.6575

Over many years, the ‘Swamp’ in Washington, D.C. has transformed into the seat of the federal government into becoming our big brother that knows better than we what’s good for us.

The U.S. Senate is not your daddy and the House of Representatives is not your momma. To be very clear, the president is not your older, wiser big brother, either.

A Word For Congress on Gun Control—Do Not Do Something. Do Nothing.

June 3, 2022 Representative Pat FallonCongressional District 46531 Horizon Road, Suite ARockwall, TX  75032 Subject: Gun Control Pat, Joe Biden says, “do something”. The one thing you and all lawmakers must do is read and study the U.S. Constitution. A short study of Article II, Section 8 (enumerated powers of Congress), Article VI, second paragraph, the Supreme …

Joe Biden Disregards the Supreme Law of the Land—Unlawful Gun Confiscations Ahead

Joe Biden, for now, thinks .22 caliber guns are okay but 9mm firearms are bad and should be confiscated, but he won’t be doing this through an executive order. For now. His strategy instead is to coax Senator Mitch McConnell to cooperate with Senate Democrats to fashion some form of gun control legislation.

The Constitutional Powers of Congress – Firearms

Only the states have the authority to regulate the purchase, possession, and types of firearms in the respective states. The ONLY federal constitutional authority over firearms is to not infringe on our protected right to keep and bear arms.