Against Tyrannical Government, What can We the People do?

Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates are wreaking havoc in our national economy. Biden’s quest toward 100% vaccination has no basis in medical science. This is a totalitarian, unconstitutional mandate whose desired outcome is total compliance, control of the population. Is there anything we the people can do? Yes, there is.

Speaking Of Neanderthal Thinking, Joe Biden

Quoting first from a Fox News Video titled: Biden threatens unvaccinated ‘will pay the price’ Joe Biden: “If the unvaccinated get vaccinated, they will protect themselves and other unvaccinated people around them. If they do not, states with low vaccination rates may see those rates go up, see this progress reversed. Only those who are …

Masks. Let’s talk. And listen.

On 3-8-2020 the ‘expert’ was saying, “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask”, masks make people “feel a little bit better”. From what did he say the masks protect people? Droplets. The CDC finally came to realize droplets are not the problem; AEROSOLS are the problem. Now, Fauci says wear two or three masks? Can’t wait to hear his next theory.