Climate Alarmism Is No Substitute for Good Information — Some Like It Hot!

Just Thinking: If I was a farmer, which crops would be the least costly and the most profitable, based on yield per acre? What about harvesting electrical energy?

My brother-in-law Doug Ellis was a rice farmer who would rent different fields year by year in order to follow crop rotation guidelines.

Hydroelectric power and wind power are not new technologies.

The first windmill ever used to generate electricity (wind turbine) was in 1887 in Cleveland, Ohio.

The simple reason we use coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants to generate electricity is cost. This is the way the free market works.

But, isn’t hydroelectric natural? If you believe that, convince the naturalists who protest the loss of native species of animals and plant species due to the flooding of natural watersheds. Discuss the reliability of hydroelectric power with the folks out west who built their lives around hydroelectric power sources and are now faced with power shortages.

“Green energy” is being forced upon us by lawmakers who accept the theory that mankind is the enemy of their “mother earth”. You do know that windmills and solar cannot exist without huge financial incentives from governments, don’t you? From where does the government get the money for those incentives? Go look in the mirror for an answer.

Hydroelectric power is about to fail in our western states.

Solar and windmill power are classified as #intermittent energy sources because man cannot control either the wind or clouds.

On the subject of climate change alarmism, what is the scientific (proven to be true science) cause of ocean warming?

NOAA Research News, 11 May 2022 | Study: Reducing human-caused air pollution in North America & Europe brings surprise result: more hurricanes
I quote: “The increasing absence of human-caused air pollution in the Northern Hemisphere, estimated to be a 50-percent drop in concentration from 1980 to 2020, has led to surface warming over the tropical Atlantic Ocean, which contributes to more frequent tropical cyclones.”

CO2 Coalition, 1 August 2022 | Why the Sun, Not CO2, Heats the Oceans Revisiting the Debate: Does Greenhouse Back-radiation Warm the Oceans?

I ask my fellow Texans: Have you noticed how much cooler you are under a shady awning and how you instantly feel the heat of the sun while moving between your car and a nearby store? Have you noticed how your car is much cooler on cloudy days?

Yes, atmospheric CO2, CH4, and H2O all reflect back infrared energy, but the amount of reflected infrared energy is minuscule when compared to that enormous nuclear furnace 93 million miles away, the SUN. Yes, surprising as this may seem, almost all of the heat we experience on earth comes from the sun!

Have a great day!

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Published by John White

A lifetime (over 50 years) of experiences with automation and control systems ranging from aerospace navigation, radar, and ordinance delivery systems to the world's first robotic drilling machine for the oil patch, to process-control systems, energy management systems and general problem-solving. At present, my focus is on self-funding HVAC retrofit projects and indoor air quality with a view to preventing infections from airborne pathogens.

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