The Homosexual Agenda—Destruction of our Constitutional Republic

For thousands of years, homosexuality was recognized as unnatural sexual behavior by Jews (Lev. 18:22; Lev. 20:13), Christians (Romans 1:26–271 Corinthians 6:91 Timothy 1:10Jude 1:7), and Muslims (Surat Al-‘A`rāf 7:80-82). The 2022 Texas State GOP Convention affirms the historical, Biblical prohibition of homosexuality in plank no. 155 of the GOP Platform.

Homosexual activists hitched their wagon, so to speak, to the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s., much to the dismay of black Christians. Essentially, the movement to DEI — diversity, equity, and inclusion — presents sexual preferences as civil rights equal to race, religion, and national origin. To the greater population of the United States, this would be acceptable, but those pesky Bible-believing, God-worshipping, Ten Commandments-obeying Christians who remain faithful to the tenets of God’s holy scriptures. Meanwhile, back in the world of the Constitutional Republic, the 14th Amendment steadfastly guarantees equal protection of the laws in every state, commonwealth, island of the seas, and federal territory. The exceptions in states and the federal areas controlled by homosexual governments are the Christians, the parents of school-age children, Republicans, and patriots.

“Aiming at implacable revolution, the revolutionary may and frequently must live within society while pretending to be completely different from what he really is, for he must penetrate everywhere, into all the higher and middle-classes, into the houses of commerce, the churches, and the palaces of the aristocracy, and into the worlds of the bureaucracy and literature and the military, and also into the Third Division and the Winter Palace of the Czar.”

Sergey Nechayev 1869 | The Revolutionary Catechism, No. 14

Referring back to Nechayev’s Catechism, rule number 14, the homosexual activist must pretend to be completely different from what he really is. This political activism, in the disguise of being an equal rights champion, goes beyond this salient point whereby Christians must surrender their First Amendment rights to accept demands from homosexuals that Christians must embrace them and accept them as a new normal.

What follows?

“The third category consists of a great many brutes in high positions, distinguished neither by their cleverness nor their energy, while enjoying riches, influence, power, and high positions by virtue of their rank. These must be exploited in every possible way; they must be implicated and embroiled in our affairs, their dirty secrets must be ferreted out, and they must be transformed into slaves. Their power, influence, and connections, their wealth and their energy, will form an inexhaustible treasure and a precious help in all our undertakings.”

Sergey Nechayev 1869 | The Revolutionary Catechism, No. 18

Following Nechayev’s Rule No. 18, homosexuals are reaching high positions throughout America. Governor Jared Polis is an open homosexual elected in 2018 and re-elected in 2022. Before running for governor, Polis was elected the U.S. Representative for Colorado’s Congressional District 2 in 2008.

According to the LGBTQ+ Victory Institute, Joe Biden appointed over 200 known homosexuals to his administration. Pete Buttigieg worked his way up from being elected mayor of South Bend, Indiana, to being appointed by Joe Biden to head the Department of Transportation (DOT), where he demonstrates his incompetence.

Homosexual activists solidly endorse and support abortions on demand. These activists declare they work for equal rights but deny Christians their rights.

One example of the destruction of our Constitutional Republic at the hands of homosexuals in government follows.

The state government of Colorado supports homosexual activists who targeted Jack Phillips, the expert baker and devout Christian owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop. The persecution of Mr. Phillips began in 2012. In 2017, Jack sued the state of Colorado. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in his favor in 2018 an opinion titled MASTERPIECE CAKESHOP, LTD., ET AL. v. COLORADO CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION ET AL. The State of Colorado demonstrated “a clear and impermissible hostility toward the sincere religious beliefs motivating his objection.” SCOTUS found the State of Colorado “violated the State’s duty under the First Amendment not to base laws or regulations on hostility to a religion or religious viewpoint.” The homosexual-driven Colorado government continues its persecution of Jack Phillips in 2023 over his refusal to make a ‘transgender birthday cake.’

Homosexual activists do not seek equal protection under the law but superiority over Christians. The homosexual strategy began after 53% of voters approved a constitutional amendment in 1992 that outlawed homosexuality. It was the actions of homosexual activists in out-of-state businesses through costly boycotts of Denver that propelled the rise of a homosexual-dominated state government. Jared Polis, an open homosexual, is now governor, homosexuals are in the state legislature, and homosexuals are now holding other key offices.

The revolutionary enters the world of the State, of the privileged classes, of the so-called civilization, and he lives in this world only for the purpose of bringing about its speedy and total destruction. He is not a revolutionary if he has any sympathy for this world. He should not hesitate to destroy any position, any place, or any man in this world. He must hate everyone and everything in it with an equal hatred. All the worse for him if he has any relations with parents, friends, or lovers; he is no longer a revolutionary if he is swayed by these relationships.

Sergey Nechayev 1869 | The Revolutionary Catechism, No. 13

Homosexual activists, Marxists, systematically strive to destroy our constitutional republic by following the schemes of Marx and Nechayev.

If the Marxists in our federal government successfully deploy a central bank digital currency (CBDC), DEI/ESG social scoring will follow, and they will control every aspect of our lives, as the Marxist government of communist China does today controls every aspect of the lives of Chinese citizens through its CBDC and social scoring systems.

Where are we now? Our nation faces economic collapse as the U.S. dollar ceases to be the world’s reserve currency, and the lawless Marxist policies and actions of the Democrat-majority federal governments squanders the nation’s wealth. Because we our ability the free world’s leader falls to Marxist destruction, we are on a trajectory toward a third world war.

In a previous post titled Homosexual Activism and War—Déjà Vu All Over Again, I point to the chief cause of WW2. It was homosexual activism that propelled Adolph Hitler to the top leadership of Germany. Homosexuals now dominate the corrupted Biden administration.

What is the solution? How can we save America and prevent WW3? We cannot. We cannot legislate our salvation. We cannot adjudicate our salvation. We are in the last stage of the Tytler cycle.

It will be the establishment of the CBDC that will inaugurate the Bondage stage.

Proverbs 22:7 “The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”

The oligarchs will not suffer. They will exempt themselves from the Marxist rules. This is true for the oligarchs in Russia, Ukraine, and China. Through climate alarmism, the Marxists destroy Western civilization. China and Russia, the great polluters of the world, are never the targets of the false prophets spearheading the climate-change activists. Greta Thunberg attacks American enterprises while remaining silent on China.

Climate alarmists, direct their unscientific, ignorant attacks on the natural water cycle and the natural carbon cycle, affecting government policies of the countries of Western civilization.

You may say, “You describe the problem. What is the solution to the problem?”

As Founding Father John Adams observed, our constitutional republic is only suitable for moral and religious people. It is unsuitable for atheistic people. All Marxists, homosexuals included, are atheists. As Marxist-in-chief-elect Barack Obama stated in 2012, the goal of the Marxists is the fundamental transformation of America.

The Creator in whom we live and move and have our being gave us intelligence. Our country was founded by men who knew the Bible, the Word of God, who studied all forms of government and understood the power of the rule of law. Benjamin Franklin is today considered “the least religious Founding Father.” It was the least religious Founding Father that God used to give birth to our present-day U.S. Constitution.

In 1787, speaking at the Constitutional Convention, Franklin foretold the fate of our nation. I quote:

“I agree to this Constitution, with all its Faults, if they are such: because I think a General Government necessary for us, and there is no Form of Government but what may be a Blessing to the People if well administred; and I believe farther that this is likely to be well administred for a Course of Years, and can only end in Despotism as other Forms have done before it, when the People shall become so corrupted as to need Despotic Government, being incapable of any other.”

National Constitution Center, Closing Speech at the Constitutional Convention (1787), Benjamin Franklin

God will have the last word on America. A glimmer of hope shone brightly at a recent Mario Murillo event in Colorado that precedes a coming big tent revival there. God uses miracles to confirm His power and His presence.

When we are hungry for food, we look for it. Likewise, when we are hungry for righteousness, forgiveness, peace, and love, we seek these things.

For what do you hunger?

John White
Rockwall, Texas


Published by John White

A lifetime (over 50 years) of experiences with automation and control systems ranging from aerospace navigation, radar, and ordinance delivery systems to the world's first robotic drilling machine for the oil patch, to process-control systems, energy management systems and general problem-solving. At present, my focus is on self-funding HVAC retrofit projects and indoor air quality with a view to preventing infections from airborne pathogens.

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