Climate Alarmism Is No Substitute For Good Information — The Oceans are not acidic and the coral reefs are doing well

Video, Sep. 27, 2013: IPCC Lead Oceanographer Dishes on Ocean Acidification IPCC scientist Monika Rhein explains the state of the science on ocean acidification that will dissolve reefs. What is the history of oceanic pH? As stated by Monica Ryan in 2013, a physical oceanographer, a lead oceanographer of the IPCC whose main field of …

Masks. Let’s talk. And listen.

On 3-8-2020 the ‘expert’ was saying, “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask”, masks make people “feel a little bit better”. From what did he say the masks protect people? Droplets. The CDC finally came to realize droplets are not the problem; AEROSOLS are the problem. Now, Fauci says wear two or three masks? Can’t wait to hear his next theory.