Back To School – Why?

Texas public school students are not dying from COVID-19. They are dying from something truly horrendous.

Is there an alternative to keeping public school classrooms vacant?

Yes, and it’s up to the school administrators to want to restore

Got Pandemic? Go Back To Work!

There was a time when the World Health Organization (WHO) was actually dedicated to the health of entire world and not a paid propaganda machine for the communist Chinese government.

Thankfully, the President has said to the WHO, “You’re fired!”

La Oración Modelo del Señor

Dios nos ordena orar y Jesucristo nos dio una oración modelo a seguir. El primer paso es reconocer los nombres de Dios, particularmente los nombres que se llama a sí mismo. Para que sus oraciones sean efectivas, debe acercarse a él por fe.

One Pandemic, One Lock-Down, Two Outcomes

Economist William Briggs first went through every country and classified whether that country had a government-imposed lock-down of at least half its population, for any time in 2020.

The spread in death rates is more than sufficient proof against lock-downs.

Don’t Hold Your Breath for 5G

While making calls within and/or near buildings, I notice my call leaves the 3G/4G radio frequencies for wireless internet calling. “At the time of the first spectrum auctions, I wrote a cover story in Forbes, entitled “Stop the Auctions.” Auctions favor the companies with the most money rather than with the best engineers or most …

Greenhouses and Submarines

Environmental activism, climate-change activism, has become a belief system, a religion. The genesis of the environmental movement was science-based and sought to protect threatened species and the vital qualities of air and water. The religion of environmentalism focuses on the harmful effects of mankind, mankind as the enemy of the earth.

What is the science of nature?