Dade Phelan vis-a-vis the State GOP Platform

Reference: Texas State GOP Platform, Education: Parents’ Rights (page 14)

  1. School Choice: Texas families shall be empowered to choose from public, private, charter, or
    homeschool options for their children’s education, and the funding shall follow the student without strings attached. We also support tax credits and exemptions for education and choice within the public school system.

Speaker Dade Phelan’s position

Popular topics among his colleagues include launching a school choice program and removing tenure from state public universities. Phelan said he did not believe either had enough votes to make it far in the legislative process nor would he personally — in representing his constituents — support either measure.

Palestine Herald-Press, Sep 25, 2022 | Texas Speaker Dade Phelan casts doubt on school choice, gun reform passage in next legislative sessionx


Average Daily Attendance

“for a district that operates under a flexible school day program under Section 29.0822 (Optional Flexible School Day Program), the average daily attendance as calculated by the commissioner in accordance with Sections 29.0822 (Optional Flexible School Day Program)(d) and (d-1); or

for a district that operates a half-day program or a full-day program under Section 29.153 (Free Prekindergarten for Certain Children)(c), one-half of the average daily attendance calculated under Subdivision (1).”

Government schools, generally known as independent school districts are principally funded by local property taxes and by the State of Texas based on average daily attendance.

When a family moves from the Dallas Independent School District (ISD) to the Rockwall ISD or the nearby Royse City ISD, the money follows the child due to average daily attendance funding.

Who represents you in the Texas House?
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Call, write, or visit your state representative in person. If you believe parents hold ultimate authority over the children of the family and public education funding is for the child’s benefit, express yourself.

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