Candidate Responses to Questionnaire — Priscylla Bento

Priscylla Bento

APlease Print Your Name as it will appear on the ballot: Dr. Priscylla Bento

BOffice you seek: Rockwall City Council

CPlace/Position: Place 3

DGovernment Entity (School District or City): City of Rockwall

ECommunity and/or Civic Service Experience(s):

  • I have completed the following degrees:
    • PhD in Urban Planning and Public Policy
    • Masters of Public Administration
    • Bachelors of History and Political Science (Double Major)
    • Bachelors of French
  • I currently hold 1 full time position and 2 part time positions, including:
    • Policy Manager with the City of Dallas, Office of Equity and Inclusion (full time), Conduct policy research and implementation regarding human rights and fair housing programs including equity, human trafficking, and advancement of affordable housing. Also analyze and develop citywide policy directly tackling the immediate COVID-19 pandemic crisis.
    • Adjunct Professor of Political Science at the University of North Texas Dallas, Serve as professor of Political Science, planning course formats and implementing learning objectives while utilizing the collaborative learning process.
    • Adjunct Professor of Government at Dallas College, Eastfield Campus, Serve as professor of Government in regular and dual credit course formats, with courses covering materials in both federal and Texas government.
  • My political experience has ranged many years, including:
    • City of Rockwall Main Street Advisory Board 2018 – 2019, Appointed board member by the Rockwall City Council
    • City of Dallas Reinvestment Zone 18 Maple/Mockingbird TIF Board,                                2015 – 2021, Appointed board member by the Dallas City Council
    • Virtual Student Federal Service – U.S. Department of State, Fall 2017, Engaging Hispanic Youth in U.S. Diplomacy through the Hispanic Employee Council of Foreign Affairs Agencies (HECFAA)
    • Congressional Fellow – U.S. House of Representatives, Summer 2015, Competitively selected as an Archer Center Fellow from across the University of Texas System for a Washington, D.C. academic fellowship program
  • I have contributed vastly to public service both through my professional and academic background. My primary public service in the past 7 years includes my services as:
    • Graduate Research Assistant – Fair Park Reinvigoration Plan, 2016, The Institute of Urban Studies and researchers engaged with community leaders and Fair Park tenants while exploring national best practices to ensure their commitment to shaping sustainable urban communities
    • PhD Researcher – Cadillac Heights Community Development Strategic Plan, Fall 2015, A collaboration between the Department of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) and Terra Shelter Inc. to develop a Community Development Strategic Plan for Cadillac Heights.
  • Rotary Group Study Exchange Program, Summer 2013, Selected for a unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for businesspeople and professionals in the early stages of their careers
  • Community Outreach Manager & Researcher – North Texas Regional Housing Assessment Summer 2017, The Regional Housing Assessment with the University of Texas at Arlington was a yearlong research project taking place from January 2017 thru January 2018 for an area covering 13 counties in the Dallas Fort Worth Metropolitan.

FPlease state in 25 words or less how you expect to add value to the office you seek. I believe with my professional and academic background I can contribute to providing a space where Rockwall residents have the opportunity to be represented.

GElected School Board members and City Council members are representatives of the residents within the boundaries of the limits of your city and the school district. As an elected representative, what do you believe is your most fundamental duty to your prospective constituents? I run for office because I believe that the heart and soul of local government is the community. My primary focus is on community input and ensuring local transparency as our small city continues to grow and change.

HWhat is your voting record? A precinct chairperson of either party can access your voting record online. All Texas residents have access to your voting record by means of the Texas Public Information Act. I am a moderate conservative and vote accordingly. I vote with my conscious and moral values above any affiliation.

IYour preferred email address:


Dr. Priscylla Bento for Office

Priscylla Bento

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