Climate Alarmism Is No Substitute for Good Information — That Sinking Feeling

Climate Change, better described as climate alarmism, is all the rage. Climate alarmists gleefully connect with anything to support their hypothesis of anthropogenic causes of climate change. Hyde County, North Carolina, for example.

Climate and Sea Level Changes: What is more influential than all the people alive on planet Earth today?

Fact: Antarctic Ice Is Melting Sea level rise is a problem that is garnishing increasing attention among both scientists and the media. And as climate change continues to warm the earth, the current rate of 1.4 inches per decade is projected to increase, with NOAA predicting another foot of sea-level rise along US coastlines by …

Rising Tides: Apparent and Actual Sea Level Rise in Miami Beach

The Sun’s photosphere has an estimated temperature of 5,538 °C (10,000 °F). The heat beneath Antarctica is the natural heat of the earth itself. The sun is, on average, about 93,000,000 (million) miles distant. The core of the earth is merely 4,000 miles from the surface of the earth. We all know how the heat of the sun affects our lives. What do you know about the Earth beneath your feet?