The First President To Suspect The Biden Crime Family Was Not Donald Trump

On April 24, 2022, Fox News host Maria Bartiromo interviewed John Ratcliffe, a former Director of National Intelligence whose home is here in the smallest Texas county, Rockwall County.

The obvious conflicts of interest in all of America today are the Biden family’s conflicts of interests in their China and Ukraine dealings.

From the above-linked YouTube video, I point to Director Radcliffe’s observations. [minutes 6:05 to 6:37]

Maria Bartiromo: “…Director, connect the dots for us. You cross-examined Jovanovic. Why did you raise this issue [of the Biden-family conflicts of interest in Ukraine]?”

John Ratcliffe: “Well, Maria, I think you know it highlights the point that the irony that the first president to be concerned about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and the dealings with foreign officials and companies wasn’t President Trump. It was, you know, President Obama, and they took the official position at that time that, hey, if anything comes up about Hunter and Joe Biden in their business dealings, direct them to the Vice President’s office.

President Barack Obama was not an ‘America First’ president and he was open about his preferences for socialism and Islam. Joe Biden and his family blatantly flaunt our laws and Joe governs through tyrannical executive orders and memorandum.

As of April 24, 2022, President Joe Biden (D) had signed 88 executive orders, 70 presidential memoranda, 235 proclamations, and 47 notices…In his 2014 book, By Order of the President: The Use and Abuse of Executive Direct Action, Phillip J. Cooper, a professor of public administration at Portland State University, wrote, “As a practical matter, the memorandum is now being used as the equivalent of an executive order, but without meeting the legal requirements for an executive order.”

Read more from Ballotpedia: Joe Biden’s executive orders and actions

What should a citizen do?

Knowledge is Power!

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Published by John White

A lifetime (over 50 years) of experiences with automation and control systems ranging from aerospace navigation, radar, and ordinance delivery systems to the world's first robotic drilling machine for the oil patch, to process-control systems, energy management systems and general problem-solving. At present, my focus is on self-funding HVAC retrofit projects and indoor air quality with a view to preventing infections from airborne pathogens.

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