Candidate Responses to Questionnaire — Paul Day

Paul Day

APlease Print Your Name as it will appear on the ballot: Paul Patrick Day

BOffice you seek: City Council

CPlace/Position: Place 3

DGovernment Entity (School District or City): City of McLendon-Chisholm

ECommunity and/or Civic Service Experience(s): I currently serve as Vice-Chair of the McLendon-Chisholm Economic Development Committee.

Aside from my service to the community as Vice-Chair of the McLendon-Chisholm Economic Development Committee, my political experience is limited to being a private citizen who has become increasingly frustrated with politicians catering to special interests and ignoring the will of the people and not being accountable for their decisions.

FPlease state in 25 words or less how you expect to add value to the office you seek.

  • Safe-guarding freedom, property, and the pursuit of happiness
  • Accountable, transparent, non-intrusive local government
  • Open Spaces, Rural Lifestyle
  • Low Taxes
  • Family Values
  • Public Input
  • Water Security

GElected School Board members and City Council members are representatives of the residents within the boundaries of the limits of your city and the school district. As an elected representative, what do you believe is your most fundamental duty to your prospective constituents?

My most fundamental duty to my prospective constituents:  Safe-guarding the freedom, property, and prosperity of my constituents and all the residents of McLendon-Chisholm. 

It shall be my fundamental duty to ensure that the City Council works solely on behalf of the citizens and taxpayers it represents. The people own their government, not the other way around. It will be my most fundamental duty on the City Council to fight for the will and individual freedoms of our city’s residents and to hold myself and my Council colleagues accountable to the tax-payers via transparency, increased opportunities for public input, and following Robert’s Rules of Order and the rule of law (such as the Texas Open Meetings Act) in all meetings.

HWhat is your voting record? A precinct chairperson of either party can access your voting record online. All Texas residents have access to your voting record by means of the Texas Public Information Act. Throughout my adult life I have voted almost entirely Republican and Libertarian. I consider myself to be a staunch Reagan conservative with a strong Jeffersonian influence. 

I believe in small, accountable, transparent, and non-intrusive government (from the local levels through the state and federal levels). I believe in sound money, the free market, faith and religious freedom, an end to endless wars, the Golden Rule, America First, open spaces/a connection with the land, traditional family values, the application of Robert’s Rules of Order and the Texas Open Meetings Act in all taxpayer-funded meetings, and above all that our individual rights as humans to freedom, property, and the pursuit of happiness come from our Creator, not from the government. 

IYour preferred email address:


Paul Day for McLendon-Chisholm City Council – Place 3

Paul Day

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